January 1, 2014

Happy 2014

Back at another fresh start, a new beginning, a new calendar with a new year. The favorite line of many at this point is “Time flies”, yes it is a cliché but so true. If I have to give an account of the last 365 days, I would have to pause and wonder, “Really did 365 days just roll by?!?”

It has been hectic playing a Mom of two, to say the least. But I was the kind who would scorn at people who claimed they are very busy. Really how busy can a person get? There has to be some time they can make to write a few blogs in a month right? These thoughts would have been so me before I went about a whole year writing just 8 posts after claiming to write more  the very start of the year.

A year wiser I realized there are two ways to be busy, physically and mentally. And my case was a bit of both. There were many confusions up there through the year, clouding my thoughts. So much so that I’ve had movie scene like issues with writing. I was not tearing papers and making balls of them and tossing, but stared at empty word documents liberally using the delete key.

I found myself turning philosophical during the course of last year, and one of the biggest realization came just in time for the New Year. If you are doing a hundred things and you do great with 90 of those, don’t beat yourself about the 10 you didn’t do perfectly. Spend time enjoying the 90 you got right, your new confidence will set the rest of the 10 right too. Simple, but it took me a while to realize!

I will not start the year making big promises, but will take baby steps to get back into the groove of writing. The first step will be a month’s challenge of a post a day.  So here is to many days of happy writing!
Wishing everybody a happy, prosperous and fulfilling New Year!

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Shruthi said...

Oooh that's absolutely wonderful! High-five, pardner!