October 2, 2009

Where was I? Where I am!

While reading some of my favorite blogs, I saw a link to mine in one and followed it to see that it has been a year since I wrote. Where was I?

Well I was taking a break to be with A at the beginning of the year...loved it..I mean I simply loved it. It was a lovely break for me and we made some sweet memories to keep for life.
And then I hopped back to being a working mom since may....getting a balance of work-home all over again...A started preschool since September. In between we bought a house...and spent some time making it our home. Now...things have fallen into a rhythm...well actually I hope it will since I have made a public statement about it (like getting up as soon as the alarm goes and not sleeping in for a little longer blaming it on the cold morning).

From last year to now...I feel refreshed, content with my life. Hope B does not read this and still puts up with my day to day cribs. I guess what the mind and soul needs is a little stability, a little time to enjoy what you have. And I have that now...not in the form of a house or job or family. Its a combination of things and above all its my outlook towards things.

Last year I sulked every single day about not getting enough time with A..okay B also! And when I decided to stay home, I got the time with them I longed for. I was happy. But there are other things in the equation, for which going to work made more sense. And now I know...how it looks on both sides, I am able to make the best of what I have. Its still not ideal...but hey this is the best thats meant to be and I am happy with it and I am really thankful for what I have.

So on this happy note.....I look forward to more blogging in the coming days from Where I am!