August 20, 2013

My Favorite Things

I found a story/poem that I had written and would tell A when she was around 2. She was in that avid learner stage where at the end of the day her mind would race with all the adventures of the day. This was an effort to make her relax. Want to keep the memories of it alive by recording it here. Will also be something new and fresh to share with Av.

As mommy kisses me goodnight
And turns off the light,
I hug my bunny
With my eyes shut tight.

And then I think of my favorite things,
And the colors in my mind spread their wings.

I think of the blue sky,
Way up high.
Like the birds,
I want to fly, fly, fly.

I think of the green grass
With the cool dewdrops.
Like the grasshoppers,
I want to hop, hop, hop.

I think of the red flowers
With their sweet nectar.
Like the butterflies,
I want to flitter and flutter.

I think of the yellow sun
With its rays warm and fine.
Like the sunshine,
I want to shine, shine, shine!

I hug my bunny with
My eyes shut tight.
As I think of my favorite things,
The colors in my mind turn into sweet dreams.