September 23, 2008

Thoughts at Thirty

At ten I thought I could conquer the world,
At twenty I thought dreams are meant to come true.
At thirty I think I know what reality means,
I can now smile at my dreams and work hard at my goals.

At ten I could not wait to be all grown up,
At twenty I thought youth is there to last forever.
At thirty I know the value of time and stop to enjoy the moment,
With inspiration from yesterday and eagerness about tomorrow.

At ten I tried to follow every word I was told,
At twenty I differed to almost everything I heard.
At thirty I am happy when I agree and proud when I disagree,
And I know how to balance my happiness with my pride.

At ten I thought good education will take me far,
At twenty I thought that a great career will take me farther.
At thirty I think patience will take me the furthest,
With patience on my side, everything else will follow.

At ten I took things for granted,
At twenty I wished things got granted.
At thirty I know I cannot take anything for granted,
And also know that I should not grant everything.

At ten I was happy with life,
At twenty I was excited about life.
At thirty I am looking forward to life,
To enjoy what I have and experience what is to come.