March 26, 2010

Encounter with a Three Year Old

** I found this saved on my computer when I was cleaning up. It was written on Jan 5th and never got to posting it**

Favorite color – Used to be pink and orange, but my parents chose a blue room for me so now it is blue.

Favorite restaurant – Vapiano (I love the penne pasta there with butter and cheese)

Favorite book – If you give a mouse a cookie and Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see

Favorite playtime game – Being mommy

Favorite card game – Five Little Monkeys

Favorite Line – I am threeeeee years now!

Favorite Game with mom – School game/Memory Cards

Favorite Game with Dad - Building things with Lego

When I become a big girl – I want to be a doctor, a chef, a painter (not the drawing painter, painter who paints the walls) and a farmer.

Favorite Fruit – Pear

Favorite Vegetable – Vendekaayi = Vendakka + Bendekaayi (Okra)

Favorite Thing to do – Dance to bollywood music

Favorite Song – Desi Girl

Favorite Sloka – Mudakaratha Modhakam

Favorite Pet – Dog, I want a dog for a pet but my mommy is scared of dogs L

Scared of – Watching movies in the movie hall, they switch off the lights and put the TV so loud!

Person I can recognize on TV – President Obama

Favorite TV show – Dora the Explorer / Olivia

Favorite Activity in School – Art

Favorite Big People’s TV Channel – Food Network

One word I still cannot say – Knife (I say Life for it) (My parents never correct me, they would love for me to never get it right, because the day I do then there will be no baby talk left in me!)

Some of my ambitions - To go to office when I become Fiiiiive years.

To go to ballet class when I become Fiiiiive years.

** So many answers dont hold good today about 21/2 months later, but I didnt want to change a word for memories sake. Gal you are growing up too fast! **

March 23, 2010

Next Act

Last week I used the word for the first time against my occupation when filling A’s school’s application form: “SAHM”. That is what I will be starting Apr 1st, yes on the popular Fool’s Day.
That is what many people thought I was when I announced my decision, so it is apt that I start this phase on this day. But my heart has never felt this “foooller” with happiness.
Apart from getting to spend a lot of good times at home the icing on the cake is going to be a 3 month vacation in India to start off with.
Hopefully this will also mean more posts on this blog. But for now my thoughts are……

The last line: The last scene of this act.
I hope I did well, there is applause.
I hope I left a special mark doing my part,
I hope I lived up to the cause.

At the beginning of the next act,
I hope that I do well that I applaud.
I hope this part will leave a special mark in my heart.
I hope I live up to my cause.