January 19, 2011

Lines from the past

As I was sorting out old books in my study, I found a sheet of paper with 8 lines of verse. It was not any work of art, or my deepest feelings or any lost treasure. But with it came back memories of my life as a graduate student. It is some silly lines written during a 7:30 am class on a cold winter day when I had dragged myself out of bed to class. I remember the scene and how distracted I was and how hard it was to even sit there that morning leave alone concentrate. I read the lines, laughed at it and put it in the recycle pile. Then I found it again fallen out of the bin and I read and laughed again. Then I put it with the shredder pile and again found it fallen down after 2 days. When I read it again I found all the memories come back again. So I decided I will post it here for myself to take me back to those days every time I read it.

I try not to think of You,
I make my eyes look at the other hues.

I strain to hear sounds other than yours,
I try not to feel the waves inside me roar.

I try my best but away from you I cannot go,
My eyes are blinded and thoughts refuse to flow.

I am obsessed by you, and feel like a looser,
I am lost in your control, dreaded hunger.