August 27, 2008

Twenty One months

Time just flies; the fact that I feel I just delivered but A is now twenty one months old just proves that. Yes she is a handful now, but to run behind her is a pleasure not to mention the money we save not needing to go to the gym! And she is an earful, she talks and talks and talks some more. I think I said I missed the baby but I love this toddler. Every day is packed with more fun, excitement and laughter.
She does a lot of things worth blogging about but the highlight so far is her talking…it out beats anything else she does. So here in her own words...

Me: Hello..A
A: Hey Mimi, what are-ya doing there? I am good how are you?
Me: I am ok; just a little….
A: Are you tired? Are you sleepy? Are you hungry? You want mamm mamm? Wait I will get for-ya. Are you full?
Me: I am fine..don’t worry. So what are you doing?
A: Changing Lili’s diaper. She has done aah.
Talking to Lili: Do you want to sit on the potty? No? You want to wear diaper?

Me: Shall we read a book?
A: Mimi rhymes book? I want nursery rhymes…I want Yankee Doooodle
Me: Okay Yankee Doodle….
A: comes to town..riding pooony, stuck feather in his kaap and called makaroni…lala….laaala
A: Is this Barney song?
Me: No its Yankee Doodle
A: No it is Barney song. I saw in TV in aunty’s house. It is Barney song.

(In the amusement park)
Me: Are you having fun A? Come let us sit on this ride.
A: No I don’t want. I am scared.
Me: Why are you scared? Are you not a brave girl?
A: No I am not a brave girl, I want to go home.

(When I am getting ready for work)
A: Mimi you are wearing this dress? It is looking very pretty. Shall I put button for-ya?
M: Thanks baby..I am ready.
A: Mimi shall I put this earring for-ya? It is very butiful.

(When I am busy in the kitchen and I suddenly realize everything is too quiet for comfort)
Me: A..what are you doing?
A: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…mimi I got scared.
(Comes running to get me) See…what I have done here.
(The carpet is filled with shredded cheese because she got a bright idea to eat it with a fork!)

(When we had ordered indian food home)
B: What is mimi doing?
A: Mimi is eating paneer. Paneer is mimi’s favorite.
B: What is your favorite?
A: Rice is my favorite. It is very yummy and tasty tasty.
B: What is appa’s favorite?
A: Appa’s favorite is Naan.

(Playing with a puzzle that my friend S gave her)
A: Idu S dodamma kotta. It is very nice. Amele…elephant kotta. Where is dodamma?
Me: She is in Texas.
(Next day she goes to the day care and they have a guest from Texas and they have mentioned it in front of her)
A: (She comes home) Dodamma come to aunty’s house

(Getting down from the car after shopping)
A: I will carry the bags.
Me: It is heavy A, I will carry it.
(Talking to B) We have to stop this habit of hers where she wants to behave like a big girl.
A: (Listening intently) Mimi I am a big girl.

(Story Time)
Me: Can you tell me a story?
A: One day….there was a lion. Ant came to lion and lion rooaaar.

Me: Idu ninge beka, bedava? (Do you want this or no?)
A: Bedava
Me: Oh kaalige yen aythu? Yelli gaaya aythu? (What happened to your leg, where did u get hurt)
A: NaLe….nambo… play madakkaaaaa….A keelzhe dum bidha panakkaaaa….appo kaal abbu maadide.