October 11, 2007

Tring tring...

Me: Hello chinnamma

She: hmmmn

Me: What are you doing? Eating mamm mamm?

She: mamm mamm

Me: Have you been a good gal?

She: Silence

Me: Chinnamma?? Who is chinnamma?

She: Pats herself

Me: Say amma

She: Maamaa

Me: Did you watch the elephants march today on TV? How do they go marching? Hup two three four….you sing hup two three four*

She: Mmmm mm mm mm.

Me: Thrilled about the first phone conversation with my daughter.

* She has been watching the jungle book video and loves this song.
** The conversation by me was originally in kannada and has been translated.

October 8, 2007

Song Tag

I was tagged twice for this, both by I love lucy and Shruthi, so here goes.

During college both B and I had our computers loaded with the game Aladdin, and it would so happen that the game would be paused when we would talk, and the song 'A whole new world' would play in the background. So it became ‘our song’.

It sure has been a magic carpet ride!