April 3, 2014


April A-Z Challenge : C is for Clara - Bright ( Origin - Latin)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters 

It was a cold and clear December night, and the moon created a spotlight on Clara's house as it stood shining bright in its holiday grandeur. Clara had decked it with a plethora of Christmas decorations that she had collected over the years. She had never thrown away any of it, much like the many memories she held so close to her heart. Each one of them was dear to her.

Clara sat by the fireplace petting her cat, Isabelle, as she looked around the room, as if to check if there was anything amiss. Her house looked perfect, festive and bright, just like the way she had liked it around the holidays. She had put up each of the decorations on her own, as she had been doing for twelve years now, ever since Steve passed away. She looked at the five stockings that hung from the fireplace, each with her grandchildren’s name sewn on it. She was going to miss their cries of joy upon finding their stockings filled with goodies, like it had been every year. She had already sent them their gifts this year.

It was two nights before Christmas and she knew she was going to be spending the holidays alone this year. Something she had always feared, her worst nightmare. Every year she had only two things that she wished for Christmas, one that her house was the brightest on their street and the other that she never had to spend Christmas alone. Though her mind understood that her family could not come again because they had just visited her a month ago for her 80th birthday, her heart ached and wished for something miraculous to change the stark reality. 

Christie hurried her two kids towards Clara's house mumbling under her breath, they were already running late that morning. She had promised Clara she would bring her kids over to show the decorations. She would rather be doing something useful at home as she had a big gathering that evening but she did not want to hurt the old lady. Certainly not on Christmas Eve! She was surprised not to see Clara peeping out of her window like she usually did, and even more surprised when she did not answer the door. She finally had to gather some help to break open the door. There amidst all the beautiful decorations, Clara sat by the fireplace in a peaceful slumber.

That Christmas, both of Clara's wishes had come true. Her house was the brightest on her street, and she was not going to spend Christmas alone!


Ranjoo said...

Heart warming

Archana Srinivasan said...

So touching ! nicely written !!

Chitra Jayaram said...

Heart warming. Sad her dream came true in this way.

Madhu said...

@Ranju @Archana - Thank you!

@Chitra - Thanks! Some stories make even the writer sad. This was one of those!

J E Oneil said...

Wow, that was sad from beginning to end. Don't make me teary!

Glenda Cates said...

Sad but beautiful

Madhu said...

@J E Oneil I promise tomorrow's post is going to be much lighter. :)

Madhu said...

@Glenda - Thank you for stopping by!

D Biswas said...

Such a positive, heartwarming story :)

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Madhu said...

@Damyanti Thanks! I like that you call it positive! In a lot of ways it was that way for Clara isn't it?