April 21, 2014


April A-Z Challenge - R is for Renée - Born Again (Origin : French)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters 

(Source : Wikipedia)

It had been two years since Renée had opened her café, and business had so far been slow. In the recent months,  she had been at the front of the café, talking to the few customers who stopped by, taking reviews of the food.  It surprised her to see such few returning customers, despite the rave reviews she received about her food. Her quest for a solution ended when she met Jane, who had been visiting the restaurant since she began working at a nearby building.

Jane had come in the first time on a cold November afternoon and ordered a bowl of french onion soup. Renée had personally served her, and had seen Jane's surprised look upon seeing the bowl.

"I actually wanted the whole bowl, not half" Jane had said.

"This is the full bowl Ma'am, " Renée had said "Perhaps you would like something else with it?"

"Seriously!?!" Jane had completed the rest of the sentence under her breath, as she skimmed the croutons and hungrily ate them.

Renée watched to see Jane finishing up her soup in no time, definitely seeming to enjoy her food.

She went up to Jane enthusiastically for a review, when Jane had got up saying "Don't bother, I will not be coming back for your sampler again."

Renee had spent a week worrying since she had heard Jane's review. She had been reconsidering her portion sizes, when suddenly one day she saw Jane enter the café again.

"I am sorry for the way I behaved the other day," Jane said "I have been dreaming of the soup, it tasted heavenly."

Renee smiled and went inside to get a bowl of soup for Jane.

"I am reconsidering our portions," Renee said "till we decide about that, I can get you another bowl, with baguette on the side perhaps?" she said, setting down the steaming soup.

"Oh no, actually the truth is, my wedding is in six months and I need your help," said Jane "I love this wedding dress I saw in a store and there is no way I am going to fit into it.

I have decided to come eat at your diet restaurant everyday, and try to fit into that dress before my wedding" Jane said licking the remains of the spoon.

"Sure, it will be a pleasure" said Renee making note of the term "diet restaurant".

It was the best feedback she had ever received. A few months later, there was a new sign in her restaurant that said "We offer diet portions: loose weight while you enjoy good food," with a picture of Jane in her beautiful bridal attire.

Renee's café was born again with the new sign, and had never been busier!

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