April 1, 2014


April A-Z Challenge :  A is for Asha - Hope (Origin:Sanskrit)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters 

Champa opened her eyes and looked at the nurse’s face in pain, this had been her longest labor, her fourth. Julie who was still in the room, caught her gaze and walked over and held her hand. It was amazing how close they had become in just a few months, though they came from two different parts of the world. “You mummy soon” Champa said to Julie, managing a smile, just before a big contraction took over her.

Champa closed her eyes again, thinking of her precious kids at home. They were her inspiration to live each day and her motivation to be in this place. She felt her belly with the same bond she had felt since the first day she came to the surrogate house. Her friend there Radha had told her once, “You are emotional because it's your first time.” Champa knew that it was more than that, this baby was a hope for their future. This was their Asha.

When the pain passed and she opened her eyes, Julie was standing right there.  “The doctor says we are getting close”, she told Champa in her broken Hindi, “I will wait out with John”. She looked as Julie walked out eagerly to her husband, Champa was eager to get back home to hers. She had worried about how he was managing everything at home alone, especially after being crippled from the accident. She hoped everything would change for the better, once she returned home.

Everybody in the room was preparing for the baby's arrival, she knew it was getting really close. She closed her eyes and prayed with her hands on her belly. “This is about as close as we can get Asha,” she said “Thank you for everything”. Within minutes the room was filled with the cries of the baby, Champa felt a sense of accomplishment.

Champa was resting when she saw Julie and John enter the room with the baby. They had tears of joy when they watched Champa bond with the baby, she had helped them complete their family. Champa looked into the little bright eyes and said,  “Welcome to this world Asha, you have already brought a lot of hope into our lives."


Liz Blocker said...

Beautiful scene, and a unique idea. I really liked learning about a surrogate. Happy A-to-Z-ing!

J E Oneil said...

Very nice. Asha is a beautiful name.

Multi-tasking Mama said...

You have a lovely writing style. I enjoyed that very much. Thank you

Madhu said...

Thank you!