April 5, 2014


April A-Z Challenge - E is for Estrella - Star (Origin: Spanish)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters

Rhea walked through the aisles of her mother's office building, peeping aimlessly into the empty cubicles. It was Saturday, and she wished she was rather doing something fun than waiting for her mom to finish up her work. She poked her head into her mom's cube, when she looked up from her work.

"I am almost done Rhea, just looking at my shedule for next week. We can leave soon."

Rhea frowned and said "Sked-ule Amma, not shed-ule, I am tired of correcting you," and continued to wander around.

She suddenly stumbled on something and upon looking down saw a backpack. She instantly recognized it, the same Fuchsia colored one with the letter E sewn on it. It was Estrella's! She was the most popular girl in fourth grade in her school, and Rhea was excited that she was around somewhere. Eagerly, she ran back to tell her mom that she is going to look for her friend.

"Shall I come with you?" asked her mom.

 "Don't worry Amma, I'll be fine" said Rhea, and ran before her mom could answer.

Rhea heaved a sigh of relief that she had escaped from the  embarrassment of introducing her mom to the Star of her school, Estrella. What would Estrella think of her mom's thick Indian accent! She decided to stop by the restroom and straighten up herself before finding Estrella. She really hoped they could hang out together more in school, she had always wished they would be best friends.

She entered the Women's room and was taken back to find Estrella in there, a mop in her hand!

"Well what a surprise Estrella?! " she said, trying her best to hide her disbelief.

"Hi Rhea," said Estrella with her usual ethereal smile, "What a lovely surprise!"

"Do you really work here....uuhh...I didn't know they hire kids."

"Your funny Rhea," Estrella laughed, when they heard a woman's voice from inside a stall.

"¿Quién es Estrella?"

"Mi amigo mamá," said Estrella, when a lady appeared from inside pushing a cleaning cart.

"This is my mom Rhea, she works here. I help her during the weekends. " 

"¡Hola!" said Estrella' s mom with the same friendly smile as Estrella's.

"Hello," said Rhea lost in her thoughts.

"What are you doing here Rhea? Are you here with someone?" asked Estrella.

"I am here with my mom", said Rhea, suddenly longing to get back to her. "I better get going, my mom is waiting for me. Bye will see you in school." 

She turned around and walked back hoping she had not embarrassed Estrella. But as she walked thoughtfully with her head down, she realized the embarrassment was within her. She had finally realized what it takes to be a real star!

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