April 17, 2014


April A-Z Challenge - O is for Otto - Fortune (Origin:German)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters 

Otto sat in the subway station waiting for his train, it was a big day for him, he had finally decided to take control of his life. It had been difficult facing the every day demands of life, in spite of working hard at two jobs. The meager salary he brought home hardly met their needs and only fueled the many taunts of his wife. It had hurt him to see the disappointment on his children's face every time he had said no. He had seen the love and respect for him diminish at home over the years, though he had given back unconditionally. He had got used to living life clinging onto tiny rays of hope, since his childhood.

It had been hard growing up watching his father come home and hit his mother. His mother had grieved quietly, living a frustrated life, finding an outlet in Otto. Every strike she received in silence, she had doubled it and hit Otto. He in turn had taken it all in quietly, telling himself he owed it to his mother, till the grief finally took her completely in its clutches. Otto had left home that day, never returning back. He had vowed to himself that he would be the good husband and father that his father had never been.

The train arrived into the station as he climbed inside securing his backpack. It was a short ride to the bank which was the building opposite the station. He walked in and pulled out his gun immediately, seeing fear in people's eyes. He was surprised he could bring that emotion in people! They followed his every instruction, and filled the bag with money, it was the first time somebody had listened to him. He realized the power of his new side as he fired at the security camera before leaving. It came down scattering into pieces, just like the righteous life he had led for all these years.


This story was inspired by the Cherokee Indian story of the two wolves.


Jennifer Fischetto said...

Nice twist there, although I feel sorry for a person who feels there life is in control through crime. :)

Archana Srinivasan said...

Wow !! Interesting turn of events at the end :) good one madhu!

Madhu said...

Thanks for visiting Jennifer!

Madhu said...

Thanks Archana!