April 25, 2014


April A-Z  Challenge - V is for Vilas - Charming ( Origin : Sanskrit)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters

Vilas walked stealthily across the hallway, making sure there was nobody watching him from the windows, as he moved towards the dark room at the far end of the hallway where he had seen it being hidden. He had chosen the perfect time for the task when the women of the house took their afternoon nap, if everything went as he had planned, he should finish his job easily and leave without a clue left behind. He was soon at the door to the dark room and he anxiously stepped in and spotted it right away, it sat on the tallest shelf in the room wrapped in a newspaper to disguise it to avoid unnecessary attention. Vilas climbed onto a step stool and pulled himself high on his toes, just as his fingers finally reached it, his elbow accidentally knocked down a jar and sent it crashing down. The next thing he knew his mother and grandmother were standing at the door to the pantry where he stood shell shocked as he was caught red handed in his first attempt in stealing a chocolate bar.


Stepheny Houghtllin said...

Love your theme for this years #Challenge. I wish I had thought of it and send my congrats for your creativity and interesting writing. Thanks!

Madhu said...

Thanks Stepheny, your words are encouraging for the final few days when I am slowly beginning to loose steam. Btw, I liked your theme on gardening!

Abby said...

Great ending! It's impressive you could come up with a new creative story each day. Good job!

Madhu said...

Thanks Abby!