April 16, 2014


April A-Z Challenge - N is for Naina - Eyes (Origin : Sanskrit)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters 

Naina was a happy girl, except when it was time for bed.
When the light went out and the book was read,
the thought of playing, soon filled her head.

One night her mother had a special story to share,
about a little friend who came in each night to care.

The friend flies in from the window as the sun goes down,
To help precious kids, too little to sleep on their own.

She sit's on Naina's tummy, and goes on a tickle prowl,
To make sure it is full, and she does not hear a growl.

She then creeps and crawls right upto her chest,
And lands onto Naina's chin, with a leap at her best.

She jumps onto her nose, making it wiggle,
the wiggle is followed by a loud giggle.

Then she waits and watches, the right moment not to miss,
as Naina gives her mother the last goodnight kiss. 

Plop! Into Naina's eyes she dives ready to explore.
Mother looks closely into Naina's eyes and exclaims,
"Your little friend looks just like me!"

Naina loves her already, and wants to keep her safe and snug,
Her eyelids curl and close to give her friend a big hug.

The friend sprinkles sleep into Naina's eyes,
as she peeks into Naina's mind, using magical ways.

There she collects happy thoughts built from the day,
and makes them into sweet dreams, in her own loving way.

She fills Naina's head with the happiest dream,
To make her smile, as she lay asleep.


Archana Srinivasan said...

Such a sweet story Madhu! Nicely put :)

Srinivasan V said...

Nice and sweet ideas beautifully narrated....

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Madhu - that's very lovely .. so touching - and I like the Naina - Eyes (origin Sanskrit) .. that's special .. cheers Hilary

Chethana said...

So beautifully written! Lovely :)

Madhu said...

Thank you all!

Shruthi said...

Very beautiful!

Ranjoo said...

Cant wait to read this to M :)

Madhu said...

Thanks Shruthi!

Madhu said...

Ranjoo, I can't wait to read it to him too!