April 8, 2014


April A-Z Challenge - G is for Giada ( Origin: Italian)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters 

I am Giada and today is my birthday, I am turning four. I am celebrating the day with mom, dad, my older brother Danny and my little sister Diana. I was the only one adopted into this family, but mom and dad have always loved me the same as Danny and Diana. I am really happy with my family, on most days!

But as anybody else, I have my dog days. Especially on days when it is all about Danny!  All we do is run around for Danny's sports practices and matches. And I just get to sit around there, smelling the sweat and hearing mom and dad praise Danny, while we watch him. I do get jealous of him, but nothing like the way I felt when Diana was born.

I was the baby of the house until Diana came along, and then my whole world changed.  It seemed like everybody was so busy with her, that they forgot all about me. Those were sad days. But that one cute look from little Diana changed everything, now there is nobody more possessive about her than me!

And like everyone does, I have some favorite things to do with my family. I love running and chasing with Danny and Diana, going for walks with mom, playing ball with dad and eating dinner with the whole family. Mom is such a great cook, we end up licking our plates every time!

I especially love hearing stories about when they got me home when I was just a few weeks old. I love the way mom looks into my eyes and tells me how she instantly fell in love with my green eyes and gave me the name Giada.

I absolutely love my family and could not have asked for anything more. Except maybe for a few things! No more sitters, more human food for dinner and no more visits to the vet. If only I could make my family understand that these are the things I want for my birthday instead of the new dog collar that says Giada!


Ranjoo said...

hahahah good one :)

Andrea said...

Very creative...I love it!

J E Oneil said...

This was so cute! I totally didn't expect the end, but that whole "smelling the sweat" bit made perfect sense.

Madhu said...

Thank you all! I am glad it came through like the way I expected and it was not obvious. :)

Archana Srinivasan said...

What a story! Loved it Madhu.. This one became an instant hit! My fav so far :)

Madhu said...

@Archana - Thanks! I am not surprised that it is your favorite. :)