October 11, 2010

Navratri at my place

This is what has kept us busy last week. It has been a fun experience and I am already looking forward to next year's.

Five steps of the Golu/Dasara Bombe

The first 3 steps has traditional gods/dolls and the fourth had three fairy tales depicted with A's toys and the last step has a zoo

The chennapatna dancer is my favorite. I had to search for it quite a bit when I went to India this time.  

Snow White, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderful seen in the background of the Zoo

The rest of the zoo with the water animals


Shruthi said...

Absolutely wonderful. Fab effort.

Mail me some patience.

Ranju said...

Happy Navarathri to all of you..
Have fun!!

Madhu said...

@Shruthi - Thanks! The patience is from that side of me that is stubborn to make sure A knows our traditions. And I learnt some lessons about patience from you seeing you answer Puttachi's questions.

@Ranju - Thanks so much!