October 13, 2010

Small mind, Big thoughts

A: Why do dads not get babies in their tummy?

Me: It was meant to be this way. God decided that is how it will be that moms carry babies and not dads.

A: But why did God decide this way. Why not dads have baby in their tummys?

Me: Hmmmmmmn....(thinking frantically for some convincing answer)...I...am not sure..maybe...

A: I know....I know. Because dads cannot take a break from work for the baby but moms can take a break!


Situation: We had been counting coins from the piggy bank.

A: We have so much money!!!

That evening after B returns from work

A: Appa you dont have to go to office tomorrow.

B: Why is that. Tomorrow is not a holiday.

A: No appa you dont have to go to work anymore. You can play with me all day like mimi.

B: No A, I cannot do that but I can play with you on weekends.

A: No appa, we now have a lot of money. Mimi and I counted a lot of money today. You dont have to go to work any more!


A: I wish I had golden hair like Barbie

Me: Why is that. Dont you like the black hair we have because of where we are from.

A: Do we have black hair because we are from India?

Me: Yes our skin and hair is usually from where we are.

A: Who has golden hair?

Me: Some of the people from America do.

A: But I was born in America, why dont I have golden hair?!

Me: (Corrected my explanation to be more specific about origins and inhabitants)


Ranju said...

Wait until she asks you more interesting things :)

Shruthi said...

Loved this!