May 7, 2014

Writing as ME again

It has been a while since I blogged as myself, hasn't it? It had started getting a little too comfortable hiding behind the characters in the past month. It has really been an effort on my part, to be writing as myself again. I have been trying since Monday, and I finally am able to get some thoughts come through today!

As much as I have been exclaiming how much I enjoyed the process, saying that it did get a little bit overwhelming, would be a big understatement. Coming up with the idea and stories was one thing, and on its own, it would have been manageable. But being able to process the thoughts, the feelings and the emotions of the characters in my head, was a whole other experience.

The repercussions of the experience has left me CHANGED! And when I mean changed, I don't mean I am releasing a book, I only mean it has left me changed internally. It has changed the way I think, about myself, about people, and about life in general.

It has reflected to me the joy I find when writing fiction, my strong points when weaving a story. And more importantly, it has reflected my weaknesses.

There are so many, the most important and biggest one is the editing. The work it takes to edit, is more hard work than the fun of putting your ideas on paper. The persistence to edit till the story sounds like the way you meant it to be, does not come naturally. You definitely have to work hard at it.

The other is networking, to find readers for my work. I thought I am the worst at drawing and painting, but I can call myself a Picasso, when I compare my drawings to my networking skills. It is a big deal breaker, the choice is clear, learn to network or stop dreaming! (Just stop dreaming, my mind says!)

But above all, the amount I enjoyed the whole process stands out loud and clear. Reading this post, it is clear I am yet to fully recover from the challenge. Yes, I am still not able to write about anything else. But the fact of the matter is, that I finally was able to write.