April 22, 2014


April A-Z Challenge - S is for Sharini - Earth (Origin : Sanskrit)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters

Sharini was lying in the hospital bed, too tired to open her eyes, as she heard the voices of her family with the ticking of a clock in the background. They sounded worried if she would recover and return home. If only they were so concerned all these years she thought, as images of the abuse and exploitation that she had been through, flashed before her eyes.

She felt the warmth of her favorite granddaughter's hands as they gently cupped hers. She was the one who had always tried to help her, but had failed without the support of the entire family.

Sharini knew her family was depending on her, she felt sad as she knew she didn't have the energy to pull through this time. Sharini felt like she had nothing left within her to give anymore, she had given it all, if only they had known how to preserve it she thought, as the voices of her family along with the clock's ticking faded away to the background and beyond.


If I have to pick one image, that changed how I think about the role I played in taking care of our planet, it is this one. It shows the inside of a dead bird, that had swallowed plastic that we throw, thinking it was food!

It is a huge deal! I try to do my part, I have not perfected it as yet, it is definitely not easy. But I certainly think that following the three Rs whenever I can has helped in some way.

Reduce  -  Reuse -  Recycle

I hope everyone does their part too! Happy Earth Day!


Andrea said...

Happy Earth Day and a-z final stretch!

randomramblingky said...

Very cool word! Happy Earth Day!

Madhu said...

Thanks Andrea!

Madhu said...

Thank you!