April 18, 2014


April A-Z Challenge - P is for Paolo - Small (Origin : Italian)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters 

Paolo being the youngest in his family, had struggled with his self confidence from when he was little. His short and stout stature had not helped him either. He had always been laughed at by his brothers and cousins and when he had asked to join them, he had been told, "What can you do? You are too small for anything. "

Paolo had spent his time hiding in the kitchen during the many family gatherings they had, feeling secure in the presence of his beloved grandmother. There he had felt at home, midst the aromas of the tomato, garlic and basil, while Nonna's songs would make the kitchen come alive. Paolo helped her by rolling the prosciutto, while he watched her expert fingers work on making delicious tortellini. She had called him her personal food taster and he had felt mighty privileged to be the first to be getting a bite of Nonna ' s famous recipes.

Time had flown, and Paolo had grown in years, but his self confidence had not. He barely managed to graduate high school not knowing what do with his life. He had been spending a lot of time talking to Nonna, helping her cook and being her personal taster. On one such day, when he was standing there watching the freshly made uneven shaped dough going into the pasta maker and coming out as evenly spun spaghetti, something occurred to him. He had hugged his Nonna and ran out to fill the application to a culinary school.

Now Paolo was doing what he knew best, he was the chef and owner of a famous restaurant called "Nonna ' s Little Kitchen". He did not have to step out into the world without the comfort he felt in Nonna ' s small kitchen, he had created his world in it and invited others inside.

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