April 26, 2014


April A-Z Challenge - W is for Winona - First Born (Origin : Lakota)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters

Winona felt excited about her new surroundings, as she played with her younger siblings, near their freshly built teepee. They had moved to a new location today following the buffalo's trail. Winona gathered her siblings and took them inside as she heard her mother's song. It was her favorite time of the day, when they sat together and listened to fascinating stories told by the women, in the smoke of the teepee.  Soon she heard the gallop of the horses in the far distance, as she ran out to see the men returning with a new prey. "They would be eating buffalo for dinner," she thought excitedly. As soon as the women had cooked the meat, everybody gathered around and ate hungrily. Before Winona was done eating and helping her siblings eat, she began hearing the sounds of the drums. She could feel the Earth come alive as the beats of the drums and their feet rose to the skies. Winona looked around happily, content with her life in the Great Plains, not knowing what the future held for them.


Inspired by my daughter's American Indian project for school.


Claire Gillian said...

Such a happy but wistful tone to your story. Lovely.

Ranjoo said...

I want this life..Not to worry about future is a wonderful desire..

Madhu said...

Thanks Claire. Loved the humor in your stories.

Madhu said...

Yes Ranjoo, nothing compares to the life of a kid, innocent and carefree. The irony is we don't realize the value of those years till we grow up!