April 2, 2014


April A-Z Challenge : B is for Brendan - Prince (Origin : Irish)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters 

Brendan looked at the door eagerly, Ana had still not come. It had been two days since he saw her last, and he had spent the weekend thinking about her. He struggled to concentrate that day, as he twiddled on a hair bow, that she had left behind.

He had visited his grandparents that weekend and had finally told them all about Ana. They seemed really excited for him. He had even asked them if they could have the wedding at their place, and they had agreed to it, though his mother had seemed really amused.
It was a hard week for Brendan, he missed Ana terribly.  She finally came in on Friday and said she had been sick. She had come in to invite everyone for her birthday party that weekend. She sounded so excited about it, and it made Brendan feel really happy. He wanted to make it a special day for her.

He took extra care about his outfit for the party as he had decided it was the right time to pop the question. He hoped he would get some alone time with her that evening. He was restless throughout the car ride to the party.

Ana looked beautiful in a pink dress with her long hair let loose. All their friends were there and everyone was having a good time. Brendan tried his best to find the right time to ask her, but there was always someone around them.

When it was almost time to leave, Brendan walked up to Ana and clearing his throat, timidly asked, "Will you sit next to me in class on Monday during circle time?" Before Ana got a chance to react, a group of girls giggled from behind and shouted "Happy 5th Birthday Ana", as Brendan blushed and ran to his mother's arms.


DayDreamer said...

Great surprise at the end. Cleverly done, I was totally taken in.

Maggie D'Amato Goins said...

Sweet tale:) I'm afraid I wasn't surprised at the end, though. I tend to think like a grandmother.

Madhu said...

@DayDreamer : Thanks! I am glad the surprise came through like the way I intended it to.

Madhu said...

@Maggie: :) I guess that is what makes grandmothers so special!

KeepingItSimple said...

Super sweet !!!

Thanks for another great write up.

Madhu said...

Thank you for reading Raghu!