April 4, 2014


April A-Z Challenge - D is for Disha - Direction (Origin:Sanskrit)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters 

Dr.Liz Dew studied the file of the Guptas, who had come in earlier for their third counseling session. She re-read the notes from the couple's previous sessions.

Married for two years; both from India; moved to the US for his work during the Y2K Job market boom; NOT an arranged marriage; fights began a few months after the move; still have good times until suddenly faced with a situation that triggers a fight; still intimate in bed; want to find a solution soon.

She had picked parts of the day's recordings to study further. She poured herself another cup of coffee and decided to play Alok's session first, she would be able to enjoy her coffee more and write less that way.

Dr.D – “So tell me Alok, when did these fights start?”

Alok - “Since quite sometime”

Dr.D - “Was it right from the start of your marriage?”

Alok - “No, no”

Dr.D - “So was there a particular incident that triggered the fights?”

Alok - “Not really”

Dr.D - “Okay...do you want to talk about any particular fight that stands out in your memory?”

Alok - “Hmmn...there was this one time when we were driving to a camp ground. It was getting dark, and we were in the middle of no where. The roads were treacherous, I could not drive and look at the map for directions. Disha just let me down, to say the least, and it triggered one of our biggest fights.”

Dr.D - “How long did it take for you to reconcile and did you take the first step?”

Alok - “Well...we had it sorted out that night, we were in a tent you see. Don't remember who though”

Dr.D - “So was it your idea to see a counselor? Do you believe your issues will get resolved?”

Alok - “It was Disha's, actually her family's. They are visiting us soon. We have a month to have this all straightened out.”

Liz sighed and turned the page, and played recordings from Disha's session.

Dr.D - “So tell me Disha, when did these fights start?”

Disha - “It has been exactly 19 months now, it was around the time we started settling down here in the US, we rented an apartment and bought a car, you know the usual things.”

Dr.D - “So was there a particular incident that triggered the fights?”

Disha - “You know its funny that you ask, I have been thinking about this for a long time now. Not sure really, it can be a lot of things and that is why we came to you! There is a limit to a person's patience, you know! It used to be so nice when we were in India, we used to go for long drives, so romantic! Here by the time you say something, it is time to check the street name, follow some sign, take an exit. It is so stressful”

Dr.D - “I understand, is there a particular fight that stands out in your memory?”

Disha - “Oh all of them stand out in my memory like thorns! The other day we were driving to his friend's house warming party, it was only five miles from our house and we had a fight! Unbelievable no? These men I tell you, most of them cant tell left from right. And then they blame you for taking the wrong turn!”

Dr.D - “So there is no one big fight you can pin point to?”

Disha - “Every fight is big for me, I cry the same at the end of each. It is so stressful, especially the thought of going out with him. Even coming here I was so nervous. Would it be possible for you to print out step by step directions back to our place? I am already getting worried about finding our way back home. I am sure we will end up in another fight!”

Dr.D - “So was it your idea to see a counselor? Do you believe your issues will get resolved?”

Disha - “Oh it was definitely mine, where will these men think of all these things! And we have family visiting us from India soon. We cannot fight in front of them, what will they think. And that too, ours is a love marriage, we have a point to prove. We will be traveling a lot when they come, oh no! Doctor you have to consider our case as really important, I can pay you double, my dad will definitely not mind it.”

Liz had a smile on her face at the end of hearing it all, in her 15 years of experience as a marriage counselor, it was one of a kind for sure, both the problem and its solution!

She sent two emails that night, one to Disha and the other to Alok.

Dear Disha, Stop reading the map for directions, you deserve to enjoy your car rides again!

Dear Alok, it is time to buy a GPS for your car, sometimes they are more reliable in finding your way!


Sylvia Ney said...

Nice picture, and good "D" post. New follower here. I'm stopping by from the "A to Z" challenge, and I look forward to visiting again.


Madhu said...

Sylvia, thank you and welcome to my blog. Look forward to connecting with you during the challenge!

Leo said...

Even directions can trigger a fight I guess. Good thing the doc tried to help steer them in the right direction in their journey as a couple. :)

Nice story!

Madhu said...

Thanks Leo!