April 19, 2014


April A-Z Challenge - Q is for Qadir - Capable (Origin : Arabic)

Theme: Short stories highlighting the lives of 26 fictional characters 

Qadir sat in the VIP section of the packed stadium, eagerly awaiting the start of the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup Football. The loud electrifying cheers from the spectators in Qatar, reminded him of the cheers he had heard on the television the day their country was chosen to host the world cup games. It was twelve years ago, and Qadir had been laying on a hospital bed with both his legs in a cast, after his dreams of playing for the nation's football team had been crushed by an accident. As he watched the announcement on television, he had found a new hope of still being able to do be associated with what he loved the most. Qadir heard his name being called as the organizer of the event, as he made his way to the spotlight of the ceremony, he felt that he had finally kicked out the gloom and disappointment of not being able to play again and scored the biggest goal of his life.


Another Flash Fiction!

Image : Proposed Doha Port Stadium


Susan said...

I like your theme, and this story.
Visiting you from the A-to-Z Challenge! ~ Susan at Haiku Corner. :)

Fil said...

Lovely story:)
Fil visiting from Fil's Place - Old songs and Memories

Teresa Powell Coltrin said...

That's a cool name.

Great story too.

Madhu said...

Thanks Susan! Will definitely stop by your blog to read the Haiku poems.

Madhu said...

Thanks Fil

Madhu said...

Thanks Teresa