October 11, 2007

Tring tring...

Me: Hello chinnamma

She: hmmmn

Me: What are you doing? Eating mamm mamm?

She: mamm mamm

Me: Have you been a good gal?

She: Silence

Me: Chinnamma?? Who is chinnamma?

She: Pats herself

Me: Say amma

She: Maamaa

Me: Did you watch the elephants march today on TV? How do they go marching? Hup two three four….you sing hup two three four*

She: Mmmm mm mm mm.

Me: Thrilled about the first phone conversation with my daughter.

* She has been watching the jungle book video and loves this song.
** The conversation by me was originally in kannada and has been translated.


Shruthi said...

That is SO sweet! :d Big hug to her! Madhu, PHOTOS, Madhu, please!!!!!

zahid said...

Sho shweet !!!!