January 18, 2014

Waiting for Warm Weather

The months after the holidays seem like a drag. Freezing temperatures, short days, flu and viral season are all ingredients for dull days.

For each there is one thing that keeps the spirits high. We listen to a lot of music with the kids dancing to it at times. There is something exciting about a radio, there is the thrill of waiting to see what the next song is. Life without these online radios feels impossible anymore.

We also play a lot of games like Red Light Green Light, Tag, Hide and Seek, Word Builder, 20 Q and Name Place Animal Thing. And a lot of Pretend Play keeps the kids busy.

We are trying our best to not complain but clearly all we are doing is eagerly waiting for warm weather!

P.S - Down with another cold, I almost thought I will skip today's post. If I am not making too much sense and rattling away then it is the medicine. :)

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