January 8, 2014

Story times at the Public Library

The story time sessions have become so much a part of our household. They are held at the public libraries almost throughout the country by librarians specializing in children's books. The first time I found out about them was when A was around 2 years. We have not stopped ever since. Though A is now outgrown these story times, she attends other programs for her age like the children's book club.

 I started taking Av to baby sessions ever since she was around 14 months. The classes are really musical sessions starting for infants from birth. It is quite amazing what it did to Av, as she was too young for preschool, but needed an opportunity to interact with kids her age.

Though this is getting really popular and crowded at our library, I occasionally meet somebody who has not heard about it. Just wanted to share what we have really loved and benefitted from. Perhaps another reason why it has really worked for us is the fact that the library is less than a mile away.  Another big incentive is to pick more books after each class.  Overall it has been a wonderful experience for us at our library, cannot tell you if the kids have enjoyed it more or the mom.

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