January 16, 2014


Dear A & Av,

There are many dreams I have for both of you, but the biggest is for you to be confident girls. I wish it was as easy as writing this letter or calling you both and saying "Be Confident OK?" It is not, and it really comes from your upbringing and surrounding and what you see and what you observe. One of the things which will really help is being in the company of confident women.

Are you both in such company? Well I think you are, as you both spend so much time with me and I definitely think I am confident. But what I am not sure is whether I am projecting that confidence for you to observe. And that is why my dears I felt the need of this letter.

At this young age, I am sure it is easy for you to overlook the confidence in a woman mostly clad in sweat pants, running errands, cooking and cleaning. There is not a whole lot of exuberance of confidence when doing these daily chores. I have been really thinking that I have to consciously change a few things just to show off this confidence in a more obvious way to both of you.What your little eyes cant see or little minds cant understand is what has gone behind these things.

Behind all this stands a big choice I made and more importantly stuck to as long as I wanted it. Making the choice was the easy part, sticking to it was the hard one. And hearing the reactions of the world constantly was the hardest. Did I retaliate at them? No, you know me better than that! Did I retaliate within myself? Yes, sometimes. And that my dears is where confidence helps. It is okay to question yourself when being questioned by others. But your confidence is what will help in not making it your misery.

Knowing yourself really well is the first step to being confident. Every time a situation questions you, you have the answer within yourself. And if you dont you will have the determination to find the answer. And knowing yourself takes time. Dont be hasty, and dont try to fit into predefined "types". You are yourself, and there is no other like you. It is okay to fit into two categories, have two conflicting qualities. It all depends on how you carry it off. And that is where confidence will help.

Having a clear conscience and standing by what is right will only add to your confidence.

It is okay to make mistakes, it only proves that we are human and normal. It is not okay to brood over it for a long time. A mistake can only make you more confident if you learn the right lessons from it, as you will know what to do to not repeat it.

And never mistake arrogance for confidence. There is nothing more beautiful than being humble and confident. It is okay if you are not the person making the most noise in the room, yes people will not notice you right away. But being noticed for the right reasons is what matters. And when they do notice you, it will go a long way.

And these my girls are the lessons of confidence I have learnt so far. :)

Love - Mimi

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lovely Madhu :-)