January 10, 2014

Encounter with a Seven Year Old

Favorite color – Purple

Favorite restaurant – Vapiano (I love the penne pasta with Pesto Sauce)

Favorite book – The Boxcar Children Series

Favorite playtime game – Tag

Favorite card game – Five Little Monkeys

Favorite Line – Thingamajigs and Ooh La La

Favorite Game with mom – Cooking

Favorite Game with Dad - Building things with Lego

When I become a big girl – I want to be a teacher

Favorite Fruit – Watermelon

Favorite Vegetable – Potato

Favorite Thing to do – Play Family with Av

Favorite Song – Let it Go (Frozen)

Favorite Movie – Mary Poppins

Favorite Pet – Dog

Scared of – Dark and Heights

Favorite TV show – Sofia the First

Favorite Activity in School – Recess
Favorite Hobby - Reading
Favorite Sport - Swimming

Favorite Big People’s TV Channel – Food Network
My ambition - To be the President

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Shruthi said...

Loved this! I'm going to steal this idea for one of my posts this month.