January 20, 2014


We recently purchased an all pink play kitchen for the girls, and to accept "pink" as an appropriate color for them, I have come a long way. When A was along the way and we went shopping is when I first realized the existing gender stereotype right from the color of the clothes. Pink has never been a favorite color and having everything related to the baby in pink, the thought just nauseated me. And seeing so much of it made me determined to avoid it. I tried to stay away from it, trying to find clothes in all hues, picking neutral colors in all the baby gears. Dressing her her up in both dresses and pants and t-shirts. Then came the preschool years and she stepped out from our clutches and saw the world. There was always a face made when we went shopping when I pointed at something blue, an argument on days when I had chosen pants and a shirt as her outfit, the want of the most frilly skirts and pretty bows. I resisted, as long as I could, until I realized that is what makes her happy. This is not a gender stereotype thing, it is just what makes her happy.  And when I let her have her way(to a certain extent) she relaxed, wore a dress and cycled (thank god for cycling shorts!) and looked like the happiest kid on Earth. As she is growing up now she is looking at other colors with love and realizing the value of comfort over looking good, though she would pick the latter any day.

Then came Av, by then I was like softened butter ready to melt! And melted did I! One of her first few words were "Titty Titty" (Pretty Pretty) so I hand made all pink and pretty decorations for her first birthday. And Voila! that is when I discovered an all new side to me, my right side of the brain existed (though scientists have now debunked the right/left brain theory)! Must have been the influence of all that pink! :)

So now we are at peace (most of the times), they are too frilly and girly for me, and love the pretty stuff that relatives and friends buy them as gifts. They know that I am the Plain Jane. To the extent that when we went shoe shopping to a store, Av saw a high heeled red shoe and told me, that is not yours that is -- Aunty's, loud and clear for everybody in the store to hear! But we manage to co-exist!

But I am sure a lot of people agree to the gender stereotype that I am talking about, if not they would not have made this ad.

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