January 19, 2014

Maids, Mysteries, Masala and More

These days when you need a dose of entertainment, you no longer have to depend on only the Entertainment news. Just follow India’s political news and you will be entertained enough. There is enough buzz to keep you hooked to the news every day.

Being miles away and being away from the country for a while I have never been so abreast with the news there. Every morning I eagerly surf the net in search for the next chapter of an interesting series. And thanks to the social sites and many enthusiastic bloggers, the reactions and comments are no less entertaining.
The irony, we are calling the future of one of the world’s biggest democratic country as entertainment. But with these stories of maids, mysteries, masala (chai) and more, there will be a lot to read for the first half of this year.

And now back to the news.....

1 comment:

DSC said...

More and more masalas are pouring in. Delhi govt is being run from the streets.