January 4, 2014

Memory Challenges

A few years ago I had written a post about ways to remember things when your memory is challenged. I still face the issue today, but I have noticed that it is more to do with how much I am concentrating on the task at hand. With most things done in multitask mode, it is hard to dedicate 100% concentration for each task. So I still use some of my crazy ways to remember things.

My favorite way is to associate it with some related thing which is easier to remember. For example we had to park our car at the airport for 5 days and had to remember the parking lot. So it was Lot A, Q1, Bus stop 10. My way of remembering it was Lot A (My A) who is Queen 1 of our house who is born on 10th.  I irritate everybody in our house with this craziness. J

Now I am suggesting these crazy ways for A to remember facts. Like for example, when she has to remember the types of something or to mark the states on the map.

If you want to read about this crazy way on a lighter note read the post Memory Teasers.
P.S – Talking about States of the USA, tomorrow I will post about a great book we found on this topic. 

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