January 5, 2014

Scrambled States of America

A happened to get home the book “Scrambled States of America” by Laurie Keller from her school library one day. She could not stop talking about the book and its humor. When I read the book with her I realized it is a brilliant book written for kids her age. It talks about the 50 states, is witty and humorous, has lovely illustrations with colorful maps, and best of all it has a funny story. I am all for learning things in a fun way, and this book according to me is one of the best way to introduce the map of the 50 states of the United States of America.

The book begins with a bored state of Kansas deciding with its neighbor Nebraska about how fun it would be to switch places with another state and see something new. All the states are invited to a potluck party (thus introduced to the kids) and later switch places. Later the states miss their home a lot and all return to their original places. There is witty humor throughout the book that remains in the minds of kids.

When A first got this book, she probably knew how to recognize a handful of states, this book aroused her interest and she has learnt to mark most of the states. The best part is there is not a sense of the task feeling boring or laborious. Collecting a state quarter with each state you learn can make it more fun.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for suggesting this book for my Ani.We enjoyed reading this book.Now after reading your blog it is inspiring me to bring once more from library :-)