January 15, 2014


It's an eerie experience when my mind makes strange associations between an instance today with an event/experience in the past. Most of the time it happens all of a sudden and so unexpectedly that I am so taken back to even analyze.

It is not Deja vu that I am talking about, it is not the feeling of an event having taken place before. But an association of some event in the past totally unrelated to what is happening today. And the past event just comes as a projected image from nowhere in my brain. And then I am back to usual business. :)

Like the other day I am waiting at the doctor's office I get this image of me waiting for the school van with a particular friend whom I haven't been touch with at all. When I am driving one day I suddenly get an image of when I would go home in a bus and this particular bus stop where a lot of people would get down and I would find an empty seat to sit.

Most of these associations are totally unrelated and not so important events from the past. It will be small events some street I walked in, the way I laughed, a phone call, a reaction. 

I am amazed that I have these visuals stored inside and curious how I make these associations. Does this happen to any of you?


Shruthi said...

Yes yes! happens to me too - not very often though. I always marvel at the brain - I guess some vague thing triggers another memory... I have often wondered what it is - some feeling, perhaps, or emotion that is similar in both situations....

Ranjoo said...

Hey it happens to me..
I thought it was only me who experiences this..Now i know its with everyone :) Lovely post!