January 28, 2014

Grip of the Gadgets

I like technology and am amazed by how new inventions drastically improve our style of living. But I can't help but miss the small joys that came when we were not in the grips of these gadgets.

I can stay without my loved ones for a bit, if they are busy with business trips, sleep overs etc. But staying without my smartphone is unimaginable. I had recently left my phone overnight at a friend's place and thought I will loose my mind for those few hours. Shocked me to find my addiction had reached this level!

And then there were the days before the cellular phones. It is amazing how we managed to live without being able to track down people to the second. People actually got their space then I guess. There were no frequent calls from anxious parents, nagging spouses, jealous girlfriends. There were no apps updating your location on social networking sites. You did not search constantly for things on the internet. You lived life like an adventure, there was so much unknown and unexplored. There was an element of surprise constantly.

There is no doubt that these gadgets have helped us during numerous occasions and there is no denying the benefits of this technology. But I am so glad I am from the generation that experienced life before cellular phones also. I saw my parents' face when I told them about my success, I saw the look on a friend's face when I played a joke, I was with my love when he first said he loved me. I am so glad I shared these moments with loved ones and not with a gadget.

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