January 3, 2014

Stress Buster

If people knew me to be a patient, strict and organized mom when they saw me with A, all I can say is see me now. I am also Av’s mom and she has broken every rule I have set! And she has got cuddled later for doing so. She is my weakness, can get anything done out of me with that look of hers followed by a powerful smile. With words flowing easily now, I am a total looser to her now.

Here are some of my favorite lines.

We got both the girls winter boots, and one day when we were asking them to wear it she was throwing a fuss. All she would say is “no no” and cry whenever we told her to wear boots. After a little crying she said “No A wear Boots, Av wear DoLa(Dora)”. From that day on we haven’t dared to call her boots anything but Dora while her sister wore the monkey. J

When B and I speak at home, we talk our version of English. You know the kind where you can converse in a language you are used to with each other, but still have a satisfaction of talking in your mother tongue. So the person who is heavily influenced by that right now is Av. So recently when my friend asked her when her birthday is, she thought for a second and said “Gone off”. Or if she sees any of us combing our hair, she will feel her freshly tonsured head and say “My hair gone off”.

She loves playing with dolls these days. Recently she pushed her doll in a stroller and came into the kitchen saying “Mimi look at my daughter”. When B asked her “Where is my daughter”, she ran to her toy chest and pulled out another baby.

She is in that stage where she loves singing songs. One game she plays is to choose a song for each person to sing and when we all start singing our song, waits to see who switched to the other person’s song. The other thing she loves doing is making up songs and her favorite tune is “Are you sleeping Brother John”. Like one day when I was busy doing some work, she was singing, “Where is Mimi, where is Mimi… there she is, there she is. Working, working, working, there she is”.

A stage of a lot of questions too. “Mimi what is that?” Ants Av. “What are they doing?” Crawling Av. “Where are they going?” To find food “What food?” Something sweet. At this point she won’t know what to ask next so she makes this most puzzled face and puts all her emotion into it and asks “Why Mimi?”

She loves to copy her sister, talk like the way she does. And during the day drops those new lines she has picked up on me.

“Mimi what is that?” My dress “Ooh la la fancy fancy Mimi”.

“Mimi look one for you and one for me, its purrrrfect!!”

“Great job Mimi I am so proud of you”

“I am going upstairs ok? Alright! Ok? Ok fine” (even before I respond)

“Look at this monkey, it’s a funny one, right Mimi?”

“Manu see your Gunnu baby is here” (Read as “Madhu see your Gundu baby is here”, she can’t say “Da”)

“Xcoooz me” (if I am in her way)
There is not a dull moment with her around, our little stress buster!

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Shruthi said...

Awww! So glad you're blogging regularly... getting so many insights into the Madhu household :)