January 7, 2014

Rituals - Part 2

Continued from here

It was just before her tenth birthday that Leela was told what her future had in store. Amma had announced it in high spirits without once showing a trace of remorse. Her parents who had sent her with Amma just a few months after her birth were finally coming to take her back with them. She had not seen them, but had only heard stories, always good that sounded even better when she heard them in the comfort of Amma’s lap. Life was simple and fulfilling, she did not feel the need of anything, Amma had given her everything that she had ever cared for.

The parting had been really hard, but had been inevitable despite all her pleading. There were promises made of meeting every year, of taking Amma with them during their next visit, none of which had ever happened. Leela had secluded herself in a shell, thrown herself into school work, and spent hours in the nights crying into her pillow. She had never heard of Amma again, never let herself think about her in fear of the pain it would bring. Today, the gates had opened finally!
To be continued...


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