November 21, 2013

Guest Writer

While I am dealing with my writer's block issues, I have a post from a guest writer.

She is very close to my heart, she is all of 7 years, she is an aspiring writer, she is my dear daughter A. This was written for the PTA Reflections Competition, and this year's theme is "Believe, Dream, Inspire".

This was judged at her school yesterday and her work has been selected to move to the District level.

UPDATE: Jan 28th 2013: This was judged at the District level and won the first prize and will move to the State level.

Katie’s Day at the Olympics

Once upon a time there lived a little girl named Katie. She lived in a little house with her big sister Lucy, Mom and Dad. Her big sister loved participating in competitions and she was now going to the Olympics and tomorrow was the day of the Olympics! Katie was so excited to finally get to watch her big sister in the Olympics!! All through the day Katie was waiting to see the Olympics with Lucy in it!! Katie hurried to the first row in the stadium she couldn’t miss a thing! Katie waited for the Olympics to start, finally it started, the drums were loud, the horns were tooting everything was loud until Lucy’s turn came. Katie swallowed hard if Lucy didn’t win then me, Lucy, Mom and Dad would all be sad, Katie thought. Out came Lucy and started to do her routine on the beam….then the bars, the judges looked at Lucy and then at each other and then finally said Lucy is the winner of our gymnastics competition!!! Katie clapped for Lucy!

After some years Katie stepped out of the Olympic waiting room and smiled at everyone, then she did the same thing as Lucy had done, only a different routine and she kept saying results, results, results. Finally the results came…..yessssss! Katie got the “GOLD” medal. Just before she recived it she looked at the audiance and where she had been cheering for Lucy and smiled!!

                                                The End


Ranjoo said...

So touching and inspiring..
Keep it up Ananya..Loved reading it..Would love to see more..

Divya said...

Awesome! I am reading again and again to believe,inspire and dream :-)

KeepingItSimple said...

Very nice.