February 5, 2014

Winter Olympics frosted with fear

As we all wait eagerly for the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics, there is more fear than excitement in the air in Sochi today. It is sad that the affairs of the world manage to touch and takeover something like sports as well. From the threats of terror attacks, to Sochi being in ground zero for Avalanches, to a rumor of travelers to the games carrying explosives in toothpaste tubes, to conditions and comforts there reported to not being up to the mark, to sports journalists reaching there and reporting how it is the Worst Games Ever even before it has started! We have heard a lot about the games even before it started, and all for the wrong reasons.

My heart goes out to the sportsmen there waiting eagerly to live those moments they have been dreaming about all their lives. Right now fear should not have been one of the emotions they are going through. I only hope their dreams do turn into momentous events. And we all get to witness good sports played in the true Olympics style.

Sometimes, you really do wonder if it is time to do something to make the world a better place. As of now Google has left this job to the youngsters of this world.

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