February 27, 2014

Gift of the gab

It is amazing how some people are born with the gift of talking, smooth talking I mean. I am generally pretty good at reading another person's mind and intentions. Even if somebody plans to work their way around me, I can sense it when they are even planning it in their head.

But smooth talking is something I just don't get, and takes me sometime to realize that the other person has taken me for a ride. It might be something that I need from someone, for which I would have just called and asked for it.  I have had people call me and talk to me about everything else under the sun, and said how I did something so well. At this point I am still clueless and then they suddenly ask what they wanted from me. It is as if everything said minutes ago holds no value.

I don't get why someone would not just ask directly, it irritates me to no end that they just made a fool of me all along while their only intention was to get something from me. Maybe it is an art in itself and some people take pride in it. But to me it's a gift I want to do nothing with ever!

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