February 17, 2014

Old Commercials

There is a certain unexplainable joy in viewing the videos of old commercials that you grew up watching on television.

The popular ones that were telecast for months and sometimes years that you still remember every line of it. The catchy ones, whose jingles would stop you just when you were heading to the bathroom, because you did not want to miss it however badly you needed to go.

The ones you could relate to the most and spent your day imagining your in it and perfecting the lines. The ones which had actors you had crushes on. The ones which would irritate you so much that you would walk away or switch channels.

The ones that were your groups' favorite and how you would all giggle and comment on it together. The ones where your parents would turn off the TV, and after a few years you had those Aha moments when you realized what was going on! The ones that brought smiles as it happened to you, the emotional tear jerkers even in the few minutes they would run, the hilarious ones, the silliest ones, the ones that your whole family joked about together. The list is endless.

How we would watch them not knowing that with them we were making memories for so many years to come!

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