February 7, 2014

Rituals - Part 4

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Leela returned from a successful day at work, she had been able to be with herself during the whole day. She lit the same jasmine candle as the night before, and closed her eyes in meditation. She could see visuals of Amma calm during her evening prayer. Every evening she had lit the lamp and prayed while Leela had watched her observingly. “Prayer helps you to slow down from your busy day Leelu”, Amma had said with the same glow on her face at the near end of the day, “I never miss it for my own good, have you ever seen me not sleep well in the night”? Leelu smiled thinking of Amma’s snores that had seemed to be right in her ears all night, while she sipped a glass of Chardonnay listening to her favorite melody of Mozart.

It had been a week since her last visit to Dr.Wang’s office; she had called them that morning to cancel the appointment. After a long time, she was thinking clearly and it had taken her by surprise how much a week of Amma had changed her. She had made the calls on that day to her parent’s lawyer who provided her with all the information she needed. Her flight was leaving in two weeks. She was finally going to the place where she had left a part of herself three and a half decades ago. Then a child, now an adult; but she hoped this would help her relieve that ache she had felt for so many years.

The flight was long, and Leela had slept most of the flight after having worked till late hours for the past two weeks. As the flight landed, she felt the biggest knot inside of her. Her rental car and driver were waiting for her, and she thanked the lawyer for making sure she was provided with a bilingual driver for the trip. It was the last leg of her journey, the 160 kilometers to that quaint happy town that she had called home.

To be Continued...

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