February 3, 2014

The sky's the limit

Does the way the sky looks bring back an old memory to you? It definitely does for me! The feeling is lovely, as though the sky just put up a picture for me from my past.

Like a cloudy sky just before it rains reminds me of my hometown Bangalore. It brings back memories of school days, jumping in puddles, watching it pouring outside with a book in my hand, dancing in the balcony or the terrace, my mom making something yummy to eat perfect for the weather and so many more memories. It is like rain and Bangalore go hand in hand.

A gray sky with the clouds spread across the sky like a blanket reminds me of my graduate school days in Utah. It reminds me of a taxi ride we took when the sky looked like that and the driver explained how that means that it is soon going to snow. Reminds me of the mountains in the city of Logan in Utah and the crazy graduate school days.

A clear blue sky reminds me of our first drive from an airport in Baltimore, when we first moved from Utah to Virginia. It reminds me of how green Virginia looked in that summer month.

The night sky has so many associations too. I was amazed for the longest time how the moon looked different in the USA from how it looked in India. So many memories from dinners on the terrace with my family during summer vacations to walking back home from school around 2 AM, to camping trips gazing at starlit skies. 

There is scope for so many memories to get associated after all the sky's the limit!


Karen Jones Gowen said...

I love looking at the sky! Really enjoyed this post, makes me want to go out and look at the sky and not be upset that it's cloudy and grey.


Madhu said...

Thanks Karen!