February 26, 2014


Another fag end of the day writing! An exhausting day with the kids, I had planned to write after they slept. Exhaustion + A giggly two year old refusing to fall asleep = A mom asleep at 9 PM.

Found something interesting I read and this is what I would have written about. Maybe will write about it another day. But for now leaving you with the link.

Would you Orchestrate your way into something if you cannot achieve it the straight forward way? A couple's way into Sochi; playing for another country!

Hard to relate, how some people do it for things big and small. Orchestrate their way around!

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Anonymous said...

Why not? If you want it come and get it...
There will always be a story for the folks who find the grapes sour. But as long as the motive was achieved ethically and in a win-win situation, who's to stop it?