February 19, 2014

Out of this World!

I have been following the Mars One Mission for some time now and am still as amazed today as the first time I heard about it. Of course there is some 8 years left before the first humans launch, but I will sure be following this with keen interest. Think of how huge a deal it is to buy your one way ticket to go out of this world, travel seven months, step onto the Red Planet, (oh and if you thought your adventure is done, your wrong it just begins!) figure out how you will survive there for ever!

Source: www.mars-one.com

And in the meantime as this private organization is figuring out the feasibility and the funds, and are going over the selection of these candidates I have an interesting suggestion! Reality show for the selection process anyone?? More people will know about this mission, the funds will be raised in no time and we will know all about the forefathers of Marslings! And with sensitive issues like religion in Mars already thrown into the picture, there is a lot of promise in store for the show. And since I have not yet read of a plan like this anywhere I would like to claim copyrights for this idea. ;)

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