February 11, 2014

Oh the Things You can Do with Dough!

Play dough has by far been one of my favorite activities to do with my kids. I guess I had always labelled myself as being "artistically challenged" in arts that did not involve words. But with these colorful mounds of dough, the possibilities were endless. So in the process of encouraging the kids to play with it, I have enjoyed hours of creative time myself. And the irony is that I had been introduced to this first when someone had told me never to get her play dough as my house will be a mess! Nothing that cant be dealt with, as long as you don't get it on the carpet of course!

A played with it well until about 5 years, after which it was hidden in fear of the little Av putting it in her mouth. This was one of the last few times she played with it.

We are so glad it is back in our sight from the past few months. Av loves it and though she is still learning ways to enjoy it, there is so much that can be done with it. Before she was at a safe age to play with it, she always played with homemade Roti Dough during her ones. But now we have started to have some fun times together creating things with Molds and Cutters and sometimes creating a story scene like this one.

Oh the things you can do with Dough! I don't think it is easy to run out of ideas for things to do with this amazing stuff, just like how it was probably really difficult for Dr.Seuss to run out of ideas for writing books!

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