February 19, 2014

Balancing my plate

I skipped writing my blog post yesterday, and this post is "for" that. As in the case of most of the days, I keep some time to write at the fag end of the day, and yesterday was one of those days with several things cramped when I was in an overcharged state wanting to take on too much. And when the fag end of the day did come, I did not have an ounce of energy left in me. And I am known to have several such days constantly. I just "take on" too much, in others words.

In my mind, I think I take on what makes me happy. I have began to realize, that the driving force for me to be happy and feel fulfilled is to have a sense of achievement. Be it personally, at home, when I was working outside the house, in the business I run, in the volunteering work I do, with the kids, in my writing, socially. I love that feeling of achievement and if I don't have a constant dose of that, I am not happy. So the issue I think, maybe I am wrong, is not how much I take up, but not knowing how to prioritize all the tasks I have at hand and having to constantly send a few things to the back burner.

I have tried a few things, and they worked great for a few days and then its back to the same.

-  A fixed schedule ( Ahem, let that B now, it wont work with my family)

-  To-do lists ( There comes a time when I need a List to remind me to look at my many lists)

-  Organize things to the Tee ( Tried my best, but gave up after sometime..gets really tiresome)

-  Take a few things lightly ( I was just not being me, a big no no)

-  Don't take on more ( It is very hard to say no because I get tempted)

-  Break things into smaller tasks ( This works great actually, till there are too many of those small tasks from various projects and takes over you!)

So do you have any ideas / suggestions that have worked for you, and think might work for me to balance my full plate of tasks?

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DSC said...

Breaking into smaller tasks could be of a great idea. The targets are reachable and in the end, you are doing the complete work in parts.