August 10, 2007

What is with my memory?

There were times when I used to remember my friends' birthdays well in advance and I used to make plans days ahead! And today I conveniently forget these dates and what is more, I don’t even realize when I see an email from them!
Aug 7th was my friend R’s birthday and yes I forgot, what is new about it these days! But what was really unbelievable is I got a general email from her this morning telling me that she is reading my posts, etc. and I still don’t realize! Here I am sending her a reply seeing her name and the date together and yet not a single clue!
Just growing old or too preoccupied with things? I think its both. I think its being too preoccupied with things because of the responsibilities with my age. Whatever! I still feel as bad as before even after all the reasoning! So, will make an effort not to be too preoccupied and get lost.
Before I delay it further, Belated Happy Birthday R!!! Hope your day was fun and the celebrations will continue through the weekend. May all your wishes come true this year!!!And I will make sure that I wish you on time for the many more birthdays to come!

1 comment:

Shruthi said...

Mine too :( I remembered your bday more than a month later :O But at least I remembered it ;)