August 10, 2007

Things I like...

My friend S tagged me to write my favorite things, so here goes...

  1. Playing with my baby
  2. Seeing her smile as soon as she wakes up
  3. Walk with B on a cloudy day
  4. Cloudy sky
  5. Friday evenings
  6. A cozy dinner
  7. A relaxed evening with a movie and popcorn
  8. My mom’s saaru
  9. Parents and I talking in their room on Sunday afternoons and early mornings
  10. Early morning walks with my dad
  11. My room at my parent’s place
  12. Sleep over with friends
  13. Good food
  14. Cooking together with B
  15. My grandmother’s gojju
  16. My mother in law’s pongal
  17. The feeling of being home at the end of a long day
  18. Well organized home
  19. Talking nonstop about the day once I return home
  20. A ready cup of coffee when I wake up
  21. Heartfelt compliments
  22. Surprises
  23. Getting wet in the rain
  24. Eating ice cream in the rain
  25. The fresh smell of rain
  26. Reading a book by the river surrounded by mountains
  27. Reading a good book without putting it down
  28. Unexpected holidays
  29. Flowering trees in spring
  30. Autumn leaves
  31. Walking on dried leaves
  32. Chasing birds
  33. Wearing a saree
  34. Fresh sheet of linen on my bed
  35. Genuine smile of strangers
  36. The sight of my car on a hot day
  37. Singing in the shower
  38. Turning in circles in an empty room
  39. A long bath
  40. Hair massage
  41. Back massage
  42. Prisms

I thought I just started writing this list and I can go on and on. I think I will refer to this on gloomy days so that one of the things in the list will set things right for me! And one more thing, this list is in no particular order :)


I love Lucy said...

Yes yes yes. :)

Thats the whole point to making such lists!

I love Lucy said...

And your mother's saaru is one of my fav things too :)